Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PM-KSY)

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Screening Questions

Have you applied for the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana-Per Drop More Crop (PMKSY-PDMC) Scheme? ((If no, thank the respondent and close the interview)*

When did you enroll for the PMKSY-PDMC Scheme? (Enter Period MM/YY)*

Respondent Profile and Socio-Economic Status


Age (Years)*


Educational Qualification*

Social Category*



Occupation (primary)*

Occupation (Secondary)*

Dwelling Unit*

Primary/Most Used Fuel*

Total number of family members*

Total number of adult family members (Greater than 16 years)*

Total number of senior citizens (Greater than 60 years)*

Number of family members engaged in farming.*

Who is the head of the family? (Enumerator to explain that the head of the household is a member who takes all the major decisions within that HH)*

Relation with the head of the family*

Monthly Household Income from Agriculture and Allied (INR)*

Monthly Household Income from Non - Agriculture sources (INR)*

Monthly Household Income from Non - Agriculture sources (INR)*

Does your family have a Ration Card*

Type of Ration Card*

Does the family possess at least one mobile phone?*

Smartphone Usage*

How many bank accounts does the family have? (no.)*

Is the bank account linked with Aadhaar?*

How many post office accounts does the family have?*

Have you borrowed money in the last 12 months?*

If yes, what was the source?*

Farm Information
Land Holdings (Acres) and Irrigation Source

Area total(acre)*

Area total(acre)*

Area (total irrigated)(acre)*

Area (irrigated: drip)(acre)*

Area (irrigated: sprinkler)(acre)*

Area (irrigated: non-micro)(acre)*


Water sources*

Water Situation on the Farm*

Farm Information
Cost of Cultivation (Season Wise) Note: Mention the major crops cultivated during the last three agricultural seasons (Zaid 2021, Kharif 2021, Rabi 2021)

Crop season*

Crop name*

Total area (acre)*

Total irrigated area(acre)*

Irrigated area in acre(micro: drip)*

Irrigated area in acre (micro: sprinkler)*

Irrigated area in acre(non-micro)*

UnIrrigated area in acre*

Production (Quintal)*

Quantity Sold (Quintal)*

Value of Total Output Sold (INR)*

Farm Information
Revenue, Cost of production, and Profit/Income for two major micro irrigated crops versus non micro irrigated crops


Total for farms*

With micro irrigation*

Total for farms*

Without micro irrigation*

Farm Information
Purchase and Maintenance Costs Pertaining to Micro Irrigation Equipment


Amount Paid (Rs)*

Susbisdy (%)*

Total cost (Rs)*


Funds (own) (Rs)*

Funds (Loaned) (Rs)*

Farm Information
Awareness, Registration Experience and Extension Accessibility

How did you hear of PMKSY-PDMC?

Are you receiving the subsidy as per your eligibility?

Did you face any issues in the registration/enlistment process?

If yes, provide details

Did you receive the following? • Warranty • User manual in vernacular language • Fertigation Schedule

Have you attended any training programmes pertaining to micro-irrigation adoption?

If yes then tick the theme/topic of training:

Training Provider

Frequency of Training (in a Year)


Would you like to receive more training in this regard?

Farm Information
Overall Experience and Sustenance

Do you plan to continue using micro irrigation in the next 5-10 years?

If yes, specify for which crops? (mention maximum three)

Are you satisfied with the implementation of the PMKSY-PDMC scheme?

If not satisfied, what are your suggestions/ recommendations to improve the scheme?

What are the best practices and innovations done by you in availing the benefits of the scheme?

What are the major factors/ requirements for the success of the scheme?

Farm Information
Challenges and Grievance Redressal

What are the key challenges you face in terms of micro irrigation adoption? How were you able to resolve them?

Which of the following issues did you face ?

Who did you approach for resolving this issue?

Was the issue resolved?

If no, why was the issue not resolved?