National Food Security Mission (NFSM) - Beneficiary/Non-Beneficiary
A. Beneficiary Profile





Name of the Beneficiary*

Contact Number*

Age of the beneficiary (yrs)*

Gender of the beneficiary*

Name of the household Head (as per scheme)*

Age of the Household Head (yrs)*

Gender of the Household Head*

Beneficiary's relation with Household Head*

Education of the beneficiary**

Religion of the beneficiary*

Caste of the beneficiary*

Primary Occupation of the beneficiary*

Secondary Occupation of the beneficiary*

Family income (Monthly) in Rupees*

Operational land holdings in Acres*

Sources of irrigation*

B. Awareness about the NFSM Scheme

Are you aware of NFSM Scheme?

Source of information about NFSM

Do you know the objective of National Food Security Mission’s (NFSM)

NFSM is centrally sponsored programme

Do you know the components of NFSM Scheme (Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and

Do you know the 30% of the budgetary allocation was earmarked for women beneficiary farmers?

Panchayat Raj Institutions were actively involved in selection of beneficiaries

NFSM incorporates Integrated Nutrient Management Integrated, Pest Management
and Cropping System based training

NFSM line personnel are given exposure visit to related State Universities, ICAR
institutes, as well as CGIAR institutes in India

A farmer can avail benefits under NFSM limited to 10 hectare per season

NFSM component include Cluster demonstrations, Seed hub programm, Seed Kit

NFSM Oil seed major components include Area Expansion Inputs component,
Production Inputs component, Transfer of Technologies component

NFSM enshrines food security by focusing on Enhancing Crop Productivity,
Incorporating Pulse component, Including nutri-cereals/millets

NFSM and fund allocation is in the form (Centre: State, 60:40 (normal states), 90:10
(North eastern and hill states)

Strengthening of credit facilities is also an objective of NFSM

Nutritional security is intended through NFSM Pulses and NFSM Nutri- cereal

C. Details of Beneficiary and Experience in the Enrollment of the NFSM Scheme

Year of Enrollment*

Enrolment Slip/Card Number*

How many family members are availing the scheme benefits (No.)*

Who verified your information on the NFSM Scheme?*

How long did it take you to receive your card after completing all the enrolment formalities (No of days)*

Opinion about NFSM enrolment process?*

Are you currently availing the benefits of the NFSM Scheme?*

If NO, since how long unable to avail the benefits*

Are you receiving subsidy under the NFSM Scheme as per your eligibility?*

D. Particulars of NFSM Scheme Benefits Availed


E. Perception about the Achievements of NFSM
Impact of Scheme

Farming Income

Cropping pattern change


Cost of cultivation

Input usage

Soil fertility

Area under cultivation


Physical Risk

Financial Risk

Marketing Risk

F. Access to Information, Training, Extension Accessibility to the Farmers

Have you attended the Farm School and Demonstration?

If Yes, share the details:

If No, reason for not attending the farm school and demonstration:

If No, reason for not attending the farm school and demonstration:

F. Access to Technical Advice by Farmers

Extension Agent

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

Agricultural University/ College

Radio/ TV/ News Paper/ Internet

Veterinary department

All public sources

Private Commercial Agents

Progressive Farmer


All private sources

G. Performance of the NFSM Scheme

Overall Performance of the NFSM Schem

Performance on Economic Benefits/Profits

Will you adopt/continue to use the NFSM Scheme?

What would you suggest/do to increase the use and impact of NFSM Scheme?

H. Constraints faced under the NFSM Scheme
For Beneficiary only

Have you faced any problems while availing the scheme?

Constraint : Information about NFSM reaches comprehensively to the households

Constraint : Eligibility or criteria for availing the subsidy is provided to the households

Constraint : Procedure for the subsidy quite easy (if no provide details in remarks)

Constraint : Only few documents are required for availing the subsidy (if no provide details in remarks)

Constraint : Subsidy paid after purchase while initial payment remains the highest problem

Constraint : Institutional financing facility available under the programme

Constraint : Capacity building/technical advice is provided under the programme

Constraint : Long-time gap between the purchase and receiving the subsidy amount

Constraint : Poor quality of materials/machinery are supplied

Constraint : Any Other