Direct Benefit Transfer in Farm Mechanization
Screening Question

Have you applied for Direct Benefit Transfer in Farm Mechanization Scheme?*

If yes, then Please verify by asking the respondent to show the card and continue the interview*

When did you enrol for DBT in Farm Mechanization Scheme?*

When did you enrol for DBT in Farm Mechanization Scheme?

How many members of the agricultural Household are availing the scheme?*

Which of the following schemes has your family received benefits from in the last 1 year?*

Survey Identification


Serial No.*

Name of Investigator*





Respondent details

Respondent name*

Age (in years)*

Educational Qualification*

What is your relationship with the household head?*

If other specify*

Does the household own a ________?*

If other mention*



Primary Occupation*

If other, then specify*

Secondary Occupation*

If other, then specify*

How much land does your family own?*

Own land ____in Acres*

Total Number of family members*

What is the family income (monthly)?*

How many bank accounts does the family

Did head of the family have bank account before Registration under DBT Scheme?*

Did the head of family receive any benefits from government schemes in this account
before Scheme registration?*

If Yes, what benefit did she/he receive before DBT Scheme registration?*

If Other, mention

What was the process of subsidy application?*

Through whom did you apply the subsidy? Mention *

Where did you hear about the DBT scheme for the first time*

Sources of Information about agriculture machinery schemes

Which of the source of information farmers get that is scheme related (multiple response)

Access to subsidy and skill training

Does the family possess at least one mobile

If Yes, is a mobile mapped to the DBT Scheme?

Can anyone in the family read and write SMS on a mobile phone?

Any of the family member residing in the household owns a laptop?

Is there any internet connection which can be

Do you access information using internet on your own phone/laptop?

Have you applied for DBT subsidy using your phone/laptop?

Were you successful in
registering/application in the portal?

What were the challenges faced during the process, mention if any

How did you solve these challenges?

If other mention who

How did you apply for the DBT scheme?

If other mention who

Do you think that applying for DBT is easy?

Do you think a training to farmers about how
and where to check new subsidy information
will be helpful?

Do you think a training to farmers about how
to apply for subsidy through DBT portal will
be helpful?

Cropping Information

Kharif - Crop Name

Kharif - Area Operated Unirrigated (acre)

Kharif - Area Operated Irrigated (acre)

Kharif - Area Operated Total (acre)

Rabi - Crop Name

Rabi - Area Operated Unirrigated (acre)

Rabi - Area Operated Irrigated (acre)

Rabi - Area Operated Total (acre)

Summer - Crop Name

Summer - Area Operated Unirrigated (acre)

Summer - Area Operated Irrigated (acre)

Summer - Area Operated Total (acre)

Ownership of Machine and Availing Subsidies

Mention all the machine used by you in the agriculture operations*

Ownership of machine*

If rent*

If ‘own’, did you buy with subsidy*

In which year was the subsidy taken*

Mention the name of the subsidy (Check subsidy card etc)*

Changes observed with receiving subsidies in DBT vs compared to earlier process of subsidised

Time required in the whole process decreased

Cost of visits to Panchayat decreased

Documentation process is easier with DBT

Waiting Time for receiving the subsidy has reduced

Fair selection process is been observed

Online process is simple then the offline subsidy application

Changes observed in agriculture practices with receiving subsidies under DBT

Usage of machine in agri

Expenses on Rental of machine

Expenses on Labor

Expenses on Fuel

Expenses on Maintenance and

Labor issues



crop diversification

Overall Assessment

Please give your overall assessment of the performance of the DBT subsidy scheme

Please give your overall assessment for the response and efficiency of the DBT
subsidy scheme

Please give your overall assessment of the quality of information provided of
the DBT subsidy scheme

Please give your overall opinion whether the DBT subsidy scheme should be

General Comments

Positive Aspects and Benefits of KCC

Negative aspects and Problems of KCC

Your suggestions for improving the performance & impact of KCC