Our Technology

Initial Solution

IoT Solution Delivery defines a set of key artifacts for the Initial Solution Design. We differentiate between artifacts that cover analysis, projections and planning, functional design artifacts, and technical design artifacts. Although they may be created in parallel, it often makes sense to group them as described in this section.

Initial Design

The goal is to provide an overview of how the various devices and components of the system fit together based, of course, on the original requirements set out. breaking down the solution design into manageable sections helps identify all the required steps needed to fulfill the design. Our belief is that the solution-design document might change.


Our Team often choose solutions that are easy to understand and provide high perceived value in the context in which they use it. In order to succeed in this area, you must give it the respect it deserves.

Research & Validation

Knowing our users is no small task. Assumptions we make about what they want to see, when they want to see it, and how it’s displayed need to be verified. This means reaching out to users, listening, and integrating feedback into an interactive design that serves our users.


WE minimizes mistakes for our end user. If our product/project is too complex or has a steep learning curve, the target of our IoT application will be largely missed, and users will quickly abandon it for their old, manual, and reliable alternatives.

What We Do

Solution Design

Dedicated team expert in IoT technology landscape – from Things / Endpoints to end User Applications Design consulting based on comprehensive analysis of requirements with respect to the IoT reference model

System Integration

Strong, proven SI experience from device to cloud Expertise on popular IoT protocols & specifications such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE, Thread, LoRaWAN and more Expertise on multiple device form factors – wearables, rugged, mPOS, IVI Expertise on IoT cloud platforms – Azure IoT Suite, AWS


Data integrity Secure communication – cloud connectivity, data transport Secure firmware update Authentication / Authorization Identity management..