Our Technology

Web Application

Along with communication between devices and other IoT implementation, management of the information and accessibility were also crucial aspects and were addressed with a robust web interface. As such, ClearScale embarked on an effort to develop and deploy a solution that would serve as the middle graphical interface tier between the data and the client’s internal user base.

Final Implementation

During final implementation, ClearScale set up and configured AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and ECS clusters for robust scaling. We also configured the services for the AWS IoT gateway, built and deployed Jenkins scripts for integration into ECS, set up monitoring via Amazon Cloudwatch and Cloud Trail, set up and configured the Docker registry, and then use.


Digital disruption such as big data, the cloud, mobility, collaboration, video, the ‘know me’ customer experience – plus the demand for 100% availability – is transforming how business works in all sectors.As a global system integrator Tata Communications Global VPN offers your customers the ideal high performance platform for cost-effectively making the most of these new opportunities.Extend customer reach with instant access to private and public services via our IZO™

Device integration and deployment

We help you identify the right partner to manufacturer and configure your LoRA enabled devices

Customers’ content

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cloud-based service for accelerating web content, videos, and live streams to audiences around the globe. Enterprises are able to reduce page load times, eliminate video buffering, and deliver HD live streams on the world’s only Tier-1 CDN. Best of all, your customers can expand their audiences and grow revenue with delivery to PCs, laptops, iOS, Android, Blackberries, set-top boxes and more.

What We Do

Scalable IoT Platform Saves You Time and Money

Our do-it-yourself cloud service gives you instant access to all the necessary tools and resources for all your Telit Services and lets you create and manage our own IoT solutions from a single, intuitive web interface. No upfront investment required Pay-as-you-go Intuitive web-based interface

Manage & Integrate Your Entire IoT Deployment

Going from one service provider portal to another and another to accomplish daily management tasks for your IoT deployment is not only poor use of time, it is a process prone to errors and ultimately not scalable. The Telit IoT Portal is a single-sourced solution of end-to-end platform services conceived .

Security and Connection Efficiency

Without security, the Internet of Things will cease to exist. Billions of new devices are forecast to connect to the Internet and with each other over the next decade, and providers of these new devices and services may be unaware of the unique cybersecurity challenges posed by the Internet of Things. In contrast, their adversaries understand security weaknesses and know how to take advantage of vulnerabilities..