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Our Technology


Inferential intelligence is the drawing of inferences from disconnected pieces of information available either publicly or collected through secondary research. Data gathering and classification has been automated to a considerable extent using the internet and semantic analysis tools.


TThe ability to analyze and draw conclusions from transactional, demographic and other types of stored data forms the basis for derived intelligence. Data mining, business analytics and predictive analytics are examples of derived intelligence,with business intelligence.

Planning and Direction

Where collection requirements are developed and the entire intelligence effort is managed

Analysis and Production

Where basic information is converted into a finished intelligence product through analysis, evaluation, comparison and integration


Where raw data is converted into a more usable form through mechanisms such as decryption, translation or computerized sorting

What We Do

Process Of Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is a continuous analytical process which determines a threat's capabilities, intent, and most probable course(s) of action and reaction(s) to friendly operations.The challenge of predictive analysis is that it is both difficult and risky. The Military Intelligence Officer must stretch his or her intellectual resources to the limit to conduct predictive analysis, and still runs the risk that events predicted will not come to pass.

Process of Analysis

a. Analysis as a Continuous Process: When do we do it? It has already been stated that predictive analysis is a continuous analytical process. This is true of both conventional analysis which produces capabilities intelligence, and predictive analysis which produces intentions intelligence. The analytical process involves taking bits and pieces of raw information collected from various sources, and breaking them down into their component parts.

Intelligence as a Product

What should become clear from our discussion thus far is that intelligence is not something which is simply collected. It does not grow on trees, and cannot be picked out of thin air by the various collection systems. The collectors simply gather intelligence information which is raw and unevaluated. Finished intelligence, by contrast, is a product produced by an analyst through the continuous process of analysis from raw, unevaluated information.