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Our Technology


Small to medium sized businesses can leverage cloud-based services to get enterprise-class solutions on tighter budgets. There probably isn’t a cloud service offering that an SMB can build themselves on premise with the same budget.


Enterprises might be able to deploy IT solutions with equal capabilities to a cloudbased offering, but that doesn’t mean that they want to. Enterprises should focus on those things that they must deploy on-prem.

On-demand self-service

once services are established, the customer should be able to provision new users, services, virtual machines, etc. without involving the cloud service provider.

Broad network access

cloud services are typically accessed over the Internet, as opposed to being on an internal network accessible only over private connections.

. Rapid elasticity

customers’ needs may expand or contract, and the service will expand or contract with those needs.

What We Do


Predictive analysis is a continuous analytical process which determines a threat's capabilities, intent, and most probable course(s) of action and reaction(s) to friendly operations.The challenge of predictive analysis is that it is both difficult and risky. The Military Intelligence Officer must stretch his or her intellectual resources to the limit to conduct predictive analysis, and still runs the risk that events predicted will not come to pass.

Flexibility of expansion and working

When our business is experiencing massive growth, We use cloud solutions to quickly expand into new regions without having to make huge investments. On-premise expansion will require significant infrastructure and staff investments. On-premise systems often require complicated security profiles for data to be accessed by a third party. With cloud-based data hosted externally. This makes outsourcing easier.

Hybrid Approach

There’s no reason to think the choice between on-prem and cloud is a mutually exclusive one. Customers can pick and choose what works best for them. Maybe you want to keep your email system on-prem, but leverage a cloud-based service for message hygiene, continuity or archiving. Or perhaps you will deploy your domain controllers and file and print servers on-prem, but build application and database servers in the cloud using an Infrastructure as a service provider who can provide you with computing resources for far less than you can do on your own.