Our Technology

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data storm is here and it is here to stay. Big Data Solution approach is designed to help organizations define a big data analytics process, adopt right tools, build a cloud based analytics engine and empower businesses with actionable and operational business analytics.

Managed Services

Our Cloud Managed Services allows you to focus on your business while our highly qualified team of SysOps & DevOps Engineers take care of high availability, scalability and security of your Infrastructure and Applications


With our unique discovery based methodology for implementation of complex DevOps projects, we help create strategic road map for a successful DevOps project execution.

Cloud Advisory Services

We’ll help you build your cloud strategy and determine what cloud could offer to your organization.

Techniques taught

Statistics, machine learning, text and social media analytics, optimization and big data analytics.

What We Do


Techniques for analyzing data, such as A/B testing, machine learning and natural language processing Big data technologies, like business intelligence, cloud computing and databases Visualization, such as charts, graphs and other displays of the data

Big Data Volume

The main characteristic that makes data “big” is the sheer volume. It makes no sense to focus on minimum storage units because the total amount of information is growing exponentially every year.


Volume The quantity of generated and stored data. Variety The type and nature of the data. Velocity In this context, the speed at which the data is generated and processed to meet the demands and challenges that lie in the path of growth and development. Variability Inconsistency of the data set can hamper processes to handle and manage it. Veracity The quality of captured data can vary greatly, affecting accurate analysis.